Kia ora!

I am a Lecturer (Pūkenga) in Artificial Intelligence (AI) at Te Herenga Waka—Victoria University of Wellington, Aotearoa/New Zealand. I’m a born-and-bred Wellingtonian. My exhaustive academic CV is here.


My core research interests centre around the use of Evolutionary Computation (EC) for unsupervised learning tasks and applications, particularly with a focus on explainability/interpretability of the learned models. After all, unsupervised learning is all about discovering underlying patterns in data — and what use is such a discovery if we cannot easily understand it?

I am also interested in the application of AI within an Aotearoa context. AI is seeing rapid utilisation in governmental and industrial applications on tasks that will affect our everyday lives. It is critical that AI techniques are deployed carefully: in collaboration with Māori, based on Mātauranga Māori, with the presevation of data sovereignty.

For further information about my research, please see my Research and Publications pages.

Potential Students

I am always looking for passionate and dilligent students for summer scholarships, research assistance, honour’s projects, and Masters or doctoral (PhD) study. If my research sounds interesting to you, please get in touch — especially if you have your own research idea that you are eager to pursue!


Do our research interests overlap? Are you in Government or industry with a problem or dataset that isn’t commerically justifiable but is academically interesting? Get in touch!


I lecture in a range of AI and general computer science courses: please see my full teaching record here.

:star2: I am developing and teaching a new course in 2021 called “Applications and Implications of Artificial Intelligence” (AIML 430). This course will move beyond the technical considerations of AI algorithms towards a big-picture view: what can AI do for society, and what are the effects? Students from a range of backgrounds are encouraged to enrol and contribute their unique points-of-view.